Our Favorite Stays

How many times have you been back from a vacation and raved to friends and family about a perfectly charming Airbnb, or a beautifully relaxing hotel? Let’s be real, the perfect accommodation can help to make a trip unforgettable. On this page you’ll find all the places we rave about, and trust us, we are super picky about what we share here.

What's in our suitcases?

Learn about all the equipment we use to make Ways of the World possible as well as all the packing essentials that keep us sane while living on the road full time. Whether you are a full time traveler like us, or are just looking to take better photos while on vacation, some things will make your life a lot easier when you travel.

It's your turn to chase your dreams!

It took us over three years to accomplish our goal, but if we did it so can you. Now we are living the life of our dreams traveling the world full time as a living. Whatever your dream life looks to you, there’s one thing you’ll probably need; money to make it happen.