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We are so grateful you want to support us to stay on the road until we can support ourselves. We feel like we are living a dream every day, but at the same time we work super hard and we are certain all of this will pay off one day.

We saved money for 3 and half years in order to make this trip happen, but we would be lying if we’d say we don’t want to do this for a longer period of time.

Our main goal for the next 2 years, is to support ourselves with our YouTube channel and this website and do very little sponsored content, so here are some ways you can help us keep traveling and creating content to help you travel better:

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This is the tool we use to create music for all of our YouTube videos. If you are a creator or if you want a platform that provides great license free music for you to use, you should consider using Epidemic Sound. It’s really amazing!

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